Sunday Salon: 2012 Reading Resolutions

Reading has been a passion of mine for, oh, forever.  But the older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve had to consciously make time for reading; long gone are the days of spending a lazy weekend curled up with a book, ignoring meal times and generally eschewing any responsibility for anyone other than myself. Still, something that is such an important part of who I am should be a priority, and that’s a big reason why I decided to start this blog.  Not only does it give me a chance to reach out and connect with others who are passionate about books, but it gives me a certain accountability to stay true to that passion, with a little discipline to back it up.

So, I’m making a few reading resolutions for 2012, which I’m going to try and keep up with via related challenges that I’ll be taking part in, and which I’ll be blogging about later in the week.  In no particular order, here are my reading goals for this new year:

1.  To read a substantial number of books.  My Goodreads challenge number is set at 50, which seems doable.

2.  To read books that I’ve had sitting on the shelf for a while now, just waiting for their turn to shine.

3.  To not spend a lot of money on books, instead taking advantage of free e-books, BookMooch, loans from friends or the library, etc.

4.  And finally, to finish all the books that I’ve started and put aside for one reason or another.  Poor, abandoned books are lying on shelves all over my house, and I need to read them or put them out of their misery.  This is a really bad habit of mine that I hope to correct this year.

What about you?  What are your reading resolutions for 2012?


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