Sunday Salon: Book to Movie Soundtrack

I first read The Hunger Games about three years ago, when I was preparing a unit on Dystopia for my 9th graders and thinking I needed something accessible as a reading choice.  I liked the first book, but I didn’t really fall in love with the trilogy until the second book–Catching Fire.  That’s still my favorite of the three, although I liked the third one as well and thought the ending was so well done.

Since that time, I’ve been amazed by how first my students and then the public at large have responded to these books.  And now, with the movie coming out in a few weeks and poised to skyrocket the series to Twilight-like heights, I find myself looking forward to seeing it as much as anyone else.  I hope it does the book justice, that the filmmaker manages to translate a complicated message in a way that isn’t too simplified.

And after having checked out the soundtrack this week, I’m looking forward to the music as well!  If you haven’t seen the playlist, there are some really great artists featured on it: Arcade Fire, Neko Case, The Punch Brothers, The Decembrists…not the mention The Civil Wars and Taylor Swift, who do a really lovely song together called “Safe and Sound”. It’s the one song that I’ve heard so far, so in honor of the upcoming movie and soundtrack, here’s a clip to help you wait.


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