Sunday Salon: The March Wrap-Up

March has been a quick month for me–I swear it was only February last week! My reading has been a bit sporadic, and my reviewing even more so.  I blame it on a few books that, while interesting, have been slow-going and kept me from building any kind of momentum.  I haven’t read anything in March that just knocked by socks off or captured my attention like some of the other books I’ve read this year (Chaos Walking trilogy, I’m looking at you!)  I did read (and love) the third book in the Clare/Russ mystery series, but that was early in the month and already feels like a long time ago–I miss you, Clare and Russ.  Come back to me soon!!

For a re-cap, in March I read:

Out of the Deep I Cry by Julia Spencer-Fleming, 4.5 stars

Hollywood Scandals by Gemma Halliday, 3 stars

Hollywood Confessions by Gemma Halliday, 2 stars

The Charming Quirks of Others by Alexander McCall Smith, 3.5 stars

I really wish it were possible to give half stars in Goodreads, as there are lots of books I’d move up or down accordingly.  I’m going to start including them here anyway.

Blogwise, I had a few popular posts in March.  I’ve noticed that far-and-away the ones that attract the most traffic are my Weekend Cooking posts–people must really like to read about food!  This month I posted about: Weekend Cooking: Friendship Bread.  I should really participate in Weekend Cooking more regularly.

I’ve noticed a lot of people talking about Bloggiesta Ole!, and while I haven’t had time to participate this year, it has inspired me to want to make some changes and improvements here.  More to come on that, hopefully.

And finally, this month’s challenge was the Review Copy Cleanup Challenge, and I might as well admit that this effort has been a complete bust for me.  I’m realizing that once I know I need to be reading something, I’m even less motivated to do it, and I am easily distracted when it comes to books.  So even though I still have quite a few review copies to read and review, I’m going to read them when I want to and not because I’m feeling under pressure.  I mean, this is supposed to be fun, right?

Speaking of fun, April is National Poetry Month in the U.S., and to celebrate I’m going to be writing a lot of poetry-related posts this month.  If you check out the site, there are lots of fun ideas and ways to celebrate.  There’s a sign-up for a Poem-a-Day email, or you can participate in Poem In Your Pocket Day on April 20th.

So here’s to April, to warmer temperatures, a little rain, and lots of good reading!


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