Booking Through Thursday: Conversions

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme about books and reading.

Do you find yourself thinking that the books you read would be good on film? Do you wish the things you watched on TV or in the movies were available as book?

Some really can’t be converted, of course, but some definitely can (and it’s not always the ones you think will work). There’s something to be said for different forms of media, but a good story is universal … or is it??

It’s funny, because I almost always get excited when I see that a book I really enjoyed is getting the movie treatment, yet invariably I end up liking the movie less. It’s as if I appreciate books and movies more as separate experiences.  For example, I’m sure I would have liked the Harry Potter movies if I’d seen them on their own, but after reading the books they were just ‘meh’.

There are some exceptions to this.  I generally enjoy movie or tv adaptations of classic books, such as the North and South miniseries which I just watched recently (Richard Armitage, drool).

One thing I definitely don’t like is books that are written based on movies.  I remember reading the book version of Pretty in Pink that came out after the movie (this was in the 80’s, for all you youngsters out there.  Molly Ringwald?  Duckie forever?).  It’s not that the book was so bad, but it didn’t in any way compare to the movie for me.  Separate experiences.  A good story may be universal, but a good book and a good movie that tell the same story are not comparable to me.

What about you?


6 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Conversions

  1. kimbacaffeinate

    I too usually prefer the book, and generally as a rule will only see the movie, after I have read the book. I agree about the tv series/movies. Thornbirds was good. I totally loved 16 Candles and Breakfast Club. “Lake, Big Lake” ..hehehe. I never read the books based on the movie..horrible!

  2. Chinoiseries

    Yes! I’m an eighties kid 😉 Pretty in Pink, gosh, had pretty much forgotten about that one.

    As for conversions of favourite books into movies/tv-series and the other way around, I usually feel a bit hesitant about that, because it could go so wrong… and then a lot of joy derived from the book would be diminished by this bad experience 😦 But on the other side, I feel extremely happy when a conversion succeeds. Like the Game of Thrones adaptation! Love, love, love that.


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