Upcoming Events: BBAW & Bloggiesta

September is a busy month in the world of book blogging, and there are two events in particular that I’m planning to take part in. One is Book Blogger Appreciation Week (September 10-14) and the other is Bloggiesta (September 28-30).

The purpose of BBAW is, according to host Amy of MyFriendAmy, “to be a time where book bloggers can recharge, remember that what they do is important, and remind the rest of the world that we are here”.  I haven’t participated in BBAW before, but I like the idea of showing some love to other book bloggers, as I truly appreciate what they do, and I love being part of the community.

Bloggiesta is a weekend hosted by Suey of It’s All About Books and There’s a Book, the goal of which is to spend as much time as possible working on your blog.  Although I didn’t participate last year, I followed the posts of others and learned so much that was useful to me in improving my blog.  But I have a lot more to learn, and so I hope by actively taking part this time I’ll be able to make some changes around here to have the blog looking all shiny and new.

Specifically, I’d like to:

– clean up my categories and tags

– integrate some content from my previous blog

– create a new header

– create a common post format for reviews

– set up Google Analytics (my husband has offered to help with this one, as he is much more techno-savvy than me)

And that’s just a starting point, as I’m sure I’ll get lots more ideas when Bloggiesta gets rolling.

Hope to see some of you around during these two events!


9 thoughts on “Upcoming Events: BBAW & Bloggiesta

  1. Chinoiseries

    Where was I last year? I can’t believe I forgot all about the blogging craziness in September (and October. Probably all the way up to December). Joking aside, there are quite a few fun events scheduled for this fall, and I’ve seen the BBAW announcement written about quite a lot. I have too many other posts to write up, so I’ll probably cheer BBAW and Bloggiesta participants on from the sideline. You’ve got quite a nice list of to-do’s there, I hope you get them done this weekend 🙂

  2. D. Ann

    I’m cleaning up my categories/tags as well! I need to get a header since I just changed my theme. Depending on how this weekend goes I might work on it or leave it till later.


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