BBAW: Appreciation

There are so many book bloggers who inspire me on a daily basis, and it’s in large part thanks to these individuals that I started this blog in the first place.  The community is huge, and it can take a while to find your niche, but when you find people who you connect with and with whom you feel at home, it makes it all worthwhile.

My favorite bloggers are ones who blog about a variety of genres, who have a range of passions which they share through their blog (not just reading), and who have a personal touch that makes it easy to feel like you know them in the rather impersonal world of the internet.

The best part about the book blogging community is that it’s possible to encounter new (or new to you) bloggers who fit this description almost everyday.  Some of the blogs that I enjoy reading daily include ones that I’ve been reading for years and others that I have only discovered recently. The list is always growing and changing.  Here are a few of my favorite book blogs:

1. The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader – I have to list this blog first because Marg is the main reason I got into book blogging. She and I have been friends for many years (I’m thinking at least ten), and she is an absolutely lovely person with impeccable taste in books.  I particularly enjoy the posts she writes which highlight Australian literature, as I always learn something new from them.  Marg also know a lot about historical fiction and blogs over at Historical Tapestry.

2. Beth Fish Reads – Beth Fish is a freelance book editor and reviewer who knows a lot about the publishing industry, and I really enjoy her reviews.  Two of my favorite features of Beth Fish’s blog are her Imprint Friday posts and Weekend Cooking, which I try to participate in as often as possible.

3. Always Cooking up Something – Chinoiseries and I met through Weekend Cooking (I think), but we have similar reading tastes and are both members of the Classics Club.  It’s great to connect with a fellow blogger who lives in Europe and in the same time zone, as it makes it easier to keep up with each other.  Plus she’s just a really nice person and fun to tweet with!

4. Chrisbookarama – Chris is one of those book bloggers who seems to have her finger on the pulse of what is happening in the community.  I particularly enjoy her Bookish Buzz posts that feature links to current news, interesting stories, and fun book-related stuff.

5. Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity – Trish is someone who intimidates me a bit because she manages to do so much.  I don’t think I could keep up with half of the projects that she has going on all at once, but I admire her being able to do it! She is a genuinely nice person with a good sense of humor.

6. Passages to the Past – This historical fiction blog is written by Amy, a fellow Southern girl like myself.  I’m always finding new authors to try thanks to her reviews, and she hosts some incredible giveaways.

7. Estella’s Revenge –  Andi writes this blog and is also one of the masterminds behind the newly launched Estella Society. She’s an academic who reads widely and whose fun personality really shines through in her posts and tweets.  I thoroughly enjoyed participating in her recent North and South Readalong (co-hosted by Heather at The Capricious Reader).

8. The Capricious Reader – And speaking of Heather (the other Estella Society founder), she also writes The Capricious Reader.  I love her writing style, and she gives her reader glimpses into her everyday life through photos and personal posts.  To top it all off, she has very good taste in music. What’s not to like?

9. Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer – Kimberly is a book blogger who reaches out a lot to other bloggers, something that I really appreciate as a fairly new kid on the block.  I think we met through a readathon earlier this year, and although we don’t always read in the same circles (is that a thing?), she visits the blog often and comments regularly.  Thanks for being such a good blogging friend, Kimberly!

10. I really feel like I should have a tenth blog to highlight here, so this can be a genuine Top Ten list, but to be honest I’m running out of steam.  So to all the rest of you, to those I should have mentioned and am no doubt forgetting, please know how much you are appreciated!  Your posts and book-love truly inspire me on a daily basis.


17 thoughts on “BBAW: Appreciation

  1. kimbacaffeinate

    Aww….thank you 🙂 I love your blog and yes I think me met during a read-a-thon..I do love them. LOL. I will check out the other blogs you you I read many genres and love blogs that feature the same. Thanks again, you made me tear up.

  2. Chinoiseries

    I’m really touched, Beth, thank you so much for listing me :$ I’ve been really enjoying your blog posts and tweets too :))

  3. Trish

    Ok seriously? Thank you Beth. 🙂 I won’t try to argue with you about my doing so much (really…the blog is deceiving!), but thank you for your sweet words. Incidentally you’re one of the bloggers I mentioned in today’s post as well! I’m glad to have recently connected with you and look forward to getting to know you better!

  4. capriciousreader


    What a great list of bloggers! And I’m not just saying that because you mentioned me! I see a couple I need to go investigate! Thank you!

  5. Laurie C

    I just love these posts, but I need to stop going from blog to blog for a while and get some other stuff done today! It’s true about finding your niche, and I’ve gotten less shy about leaving comments over the past year or so. Great list!


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