BBAW: Meaning

Here we are at Day 3 of BBAW, and I have to say this week has been great so far.  I’ve been posting, tweeting, and generally hanging out with other book bloggers non-stop!  You guys are so much fun! It’s been a great chance to meet other bloggers that are new to me as well, both through others’ appreciation posts and the interviews yesterday.

So if I’m new to you this week, bienvenue and welcome to my little blog.  Today we’re answering the question “What does book blogging mean to you?”

As I said in my interview post yesterday, I first started blogging when I moved to France from the U.S. eight years ago.  Blogging was my lifeline to friends and family back home, as well as giving me a chance to sort through my feelings as I underwent a huge personal and cultural change.  Blogging kept me grounded.

I’ve always been a book lover, and as an English teacher I pretty much ate, slept, and breathed reading for many years.  But I felt like my personal enjoyment of reading was pushed to the side as I focused on literary analysis and reading “strategies”.  When I left teaching and took a job in educational administration, I finally had the space to focus on myself again. Hence the birth of this blog.

So, to make a long story a bit shorter, blogging is a highly selfish activity on my part.  Simply put, I love books, and noone else but another book blogger really gets it.  Blogging helps me to make reading, talking about books, and writing a priority in my life. Being part of a community keeps me inspired and motivated. Writing almost everyday, even if it’s something as basic as a blog post, gives me a sense of satisfaction, the same kind of satisfaction I used to feel after teaching what felt like a particularly good class.

Thanks for letting me being a part of all this, for taking the time to read what I write and to share your own writing.  Thanks for loving books as much as I do, and for being the ones who “get” it.

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