Bloggiesta Wrap-Up

That’s a wrap! I spent so much time working on my blog this weekend, thanks to the group motivation of Bloggiesta, and I enjoyed (almost) every minute of it. I actually ended up working on a lot of things that I hadn’t planned to initially, and I ended up discarding some projects that I had thought I wanted to tackle. Here’s what I accomplished:

My original to-do list

clean up my categories and tags, did it

integrate some content from my previous blog, nixed it

create a new header, nixed it

create a common post format for reviews, nixed it

set up Google Analytics (my husband has offered to help with this one, as he is much more techno-savvy than me), nixed it

My final “I did it” list

  • cleaned up my categories and tags
  • named and organized my image files
  • used a blog grader to analyze my blog (Smash’s mini-challenge)
  • created a post calendar for October (Trish’s mini-challenge)
  • created a note in Evernote (Joy’s mini-challenge)
  • developed and published a review policy
  • created a ‘reviews by title’ page

Most of all, I feel like I was re-energized by this weekend and it gave me lots of great ideas for how to improve my blog. I hope everyone who participated got something out of it, and I look forward to seeing all your fancied up blogs!


8 thoughts on “Bloggiesta Wrap-Up

  1. novalibrarymom

    That’s how my list always works, too. I did pretty well sticking to it this time, but there are always things I add, and things I still end up putting off till a later time. And I agree, I always leave feeling re-energized and ready to keep going with new ideas.

  2. D. Ann

    Awesome list! I did my review policy last Bloggiesta and it has helped tremendously. Even though it took forever to write it up, now I’ve only had to update the contact information.

  3. Hollie @ Music, Books and Tea

    I completely get what you mean about being re-energized by this weekend! I’m so excited about what the future holds in store for my blog (namely because I’ve become so organised through all those mini challenges haha!) Congrats on completing so much!

  4. Trish

    I have google analytics set up but always forget to actually look for it. I don’t think it takes too long to install. Great job on getting so much accomplished! It was definitely a fun weekend.


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