Revamping My Blogging Style, or Time to Get Organized!

Does your blogging style reflect your personality? I feel like I should insert one of those multiple-choice quizzes here, in which every A. response means you’re a super-organized, ambitious, type A blogger, and so on for letters B-D. I’ve been thinking about my blogging style ever since the Bloggiesta weekend, and I’ve come to a few conclusions.

For one thing, as a blogger I’m not particularly good at planning. I participated in Trish’s mini-challenge during Bloggiesta in which I had to plan out my blogging schedule on a calendar for October. As I look at it now I have to laugh at myself a bit, because other than the first two days of it, I’ve not stuck to my planning at all. I’m much more of a “fly by the seat of my pants” type of blogger. I write posts in the moment, based on what I’m feeling or thinking about at the time. I’m not good at sticking to a schedule. The funny thing is this is totally contrary to my real-life personality, as I’m usually at least nominally organized. (With a busy work and home life, I think I’d go a bit crazy otherwise, so it may be a survival mechanism.)

So far, as a blogger, this approach has yet to backfire on me, unless you count the fact that I only tend to have new content a few times a week. I’m sure with a bit of planning I could do better. And considering the number of blogging events that are coming up in these last few months of the year, I could easily get overwhelmed if I try to keep up with everything on the fly.

I’ve decided that I’m going to keep going with Trish’s calendar method for November and December, with a few additions. I’m not pre-scheduling reviews because I don’t want to feel pressured to finish a book or write a review before I’m ready. That aspect of my reading life needs to stay natural. However, I’m going to write in all the upcoming events for the month, and I’m going to add in two sidebar boxes, one with my personal goals/challenges for the month and one with a list of books that I plan to read at some point during the month, with any readalong deadlines noted.

So now I have a document design project ahead of me as well, it seems. Does anyone know of any existing blogging calendars that fit this format? I’ve found a good weekly one over at Living Locurto, but I really want one that covers a whole month. I’ll let you know if I come up with something.


6 thoughts on “Revamping My Blogging Style, or Time to Get Organized!

  1. kimbacaffeinate

    You would hate my i plan like a military leader. My schedule is currently mapped out for the next two months and beyond. When I get a book for review I immediately mark a date for its review to post..usually 6 weeks or more out..since I like you want to read on my own schedule. I then refer to my calendar and schedule my own reads, guest posts, blog tours etc around the book review dates. It works really well, for example this month is booked daily, and all of the book reviews but one for Oct. 30th have been read and reviewed and all of my other posts are scheduled as well. Being organized really takes the pressure off me, if i get sick or have an blog is good to go till Nov 1st. Good luck!

  2. Joy Weese Moll

    That sounds like an excellent plan. I’ve been going with just a list — a whole month will fit on a lined notebook page with a little room for notes around the edges. I write my list in pencil! Because just ‘cuz I wrote it doesn’t mean I’ll follow it, but I do find it helpful to have a plan even if I divert from it a lot.

  3. Chinoiseries

    A comment on what Kimbacaffeinate says: what? Good to go until the end of the month? In my best planning days I preschedule completed posts for a week or two, not more. Wow *bows to a more efficient blogger*

    As for your intentions to revamp your blogging style, I hope you’ll find a way that works for you. I guess we all blog differently, and whatever fits someone else won’t fit you.

  4. Marg

    I don’t use a calendar as such. If there are specific posts that need to be posted on specific days I just save a post in draft for that date and then write the post when I am ready, which may sometimes be at the last minute, but what can you do!

  5. Jennifer Hartling

    I’ve only just started using a calendar, thanks to Trish’s challenge. I won’t know if it’s really working for me for a month or two I suppose. So far it’s helped my brain feel a bit less muddled. But mostly I still blog whatever/whenever I want. I’m a newbie and I’m still finding my stride!

    I don’t know of a monthly calendar similar to the Living Lurcato type you shared. I’m using the ones from the link that Trish shared in her mini-challenge post. Bare bones.

  6. Geoff W

    I was forced into a schedule this month with a new job and the Literary Others event, I had to know exactly what I could get into the month and then book group and a library book. It was definitely stressful, but I’ve stayed on point, minus a last minute switch around of two books. I generally try to post either two or three times a week, rarely ever more.


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