The House at Riverton Readalong: Part 3

Catching butterflies:

1. What are your impressions of Deborah?

I really disliked her from the start, and it made me dread the kind of life that Hannah would have in that house and family. I wanted her to kick all the servants out and claim her position as the lady of the house, putting Deborah firmly back in her place.

Down the rabbit hole:

2. What do you like most in this chapter?

It shows just how strongly the past can still affect Grace; it seems even more real to her than the present at this point.


3. So by now, we know why Mr Frederick is watching in the cemetery, right? This seems to confirm what I found in the Fall of Icarus, part 2. Do you see what I mean?

Yes, I wasn’t surprised that he showed up to the funeral, as he obviously has a past connection to Grace’s mother.

The choice:

4. What do you think about the scene between Grace and Alfred?

It made me sad, because although Grace and Alfred don’t seem to really know and understand each other very well, there is a sweetness to their relationship that shows they truly care for one another. I think they could have been  happy together, given the chance.

5. “There was no choice.” p. 448.  Do you agree with these last words of part 3? Was there really no choice for Grace? Would you have made the same decision?

I wasn’t surprised at all that Grace felt she had no choice, as she has always chosen to live through Hannah and Emmeline rather than prioritizing her own needs and dreams. I felt much worse for Alfred than I did for her–she seems happy enough to stay with Hannah, especially as she now believes her to be her true sister. Of course, I can’t imagine making the choice that she does, but I suppose she feels that she is doing her duty and it is normal for a servant to sacrifice a family for service.


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