Classics Club: December Meme

classics_club_buttonI’m finally answering a Classics Club meme question. Why has it taken me so long? (That’s not the question that we’re being asked to answer this month, btw.) Here goes:

What is your favorite memory of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol? Have you ever read it? If not, will you? Why should others read it rather than relying on the film adaptions?

I have to admit that I have no strong memories of reading A Christmas Carol, so I’m going to assume that I’ve never read the original text. I used to read and perform a play version with my middle-school English classes, and they had a lot of fun with it. However, since I’m joining in the Dickens in December event this month, I’ve decided to participate in the readalong of A Christmas Carol that’s taking place on the 21st of December. I’ve even ordered an abridged version of the book for my eight-year-old daughter to read along, too, as she has expressed an interest in it.

I’m looking forward to seeing what’s familiar and unfamiliar from the many adaptations of the story that I’ve seen. I think it’s important to “go back to the source” in literature, as there are so many things to be learned about what makes certain stories capture the imagination. A Christmas Carol has been popular for so long (and in so many different iterations) that it’s truly a classic in every sense of the word, and I think at the heart of all classics are certain universal truths and human questions that make us think and keep us pondering on them long after we’ve read them.

Looking forward to this–and I hope I’ll see some of you reading along with me!

6 thoughts on “Classics Club: December Meme

  1. therelentlessreader

    I don’t have any memories of reading the original either and that makes me a little bit sad. I did play Mrs. Cratchit at our local theater a few Christmases ago and of course I know the story as well as anyone else who hasn’t lived under a rock..but still.

  2. Whitney

    I don’t have any strong recollections of reading the book when I was younger either, but I did watch the Mickey Mouse version a lot. Although now I love it, I hope you have fun with your readalong!

  3. readinpleasure

    Like you, I don’t have any recollections at all of reading the novel, it’s been that long and so I intend to get myself a copy and read it this Christmas. The readalong will be too fast paced for me. I will like it read it at my leisure. 🙂

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