Around the World in 12 Books Reading Challenge

around-the-world-2013With almost a year of book blogging under my belt, I think I’m starting to get the hang of this thing. I’m figuring out what my limits are, how many books I can reasonably read and review in a month, and what kinds of challenges I’ll be able to complete. I’ve discovered, for example, that I’m not good at challenges that are too open-ended. In theory, they should be easier to win, but in fact I need some hand-holding. When I saw the Around the World in 12 Books Challenge over at Giraffe Days, I knew this was one I might actually be able to complete. For every month of the year in 2013, we’re given a different country as a focal point, and we have to “travel” to that county by reading a work of fiction or a memoir set in the country and ideally by an author from the country, too.  In 2013, we’re set to visit:

JANUARY = France
MARCH = Wales
APRIL = Fiji
MAY = Belgium
JUNE = South Korea
JULY = Israel
AUGUST = Palestine
DECEMBER = Argentina

I’ve already started trying to come up with my list, as I know I’ll do better if I pick the books ahead of time and work them into my reading schedule. And that’s where you come in, faithful reading friend. If you have some recommendations of books that I might consider for different countries, I would really appreciate your input. I have a few ideas already, but any suggestions would be appreciated. And if you’re a native of one of these countries, all the better–I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks in advance and good luck with your own reading goals for 2013.


18 thoughts on “Around the World in 12 Books Reading Challenge

  1. Julie Merilatt

    It does take a good year to really develop a blog and feel comfortable with how you want to present yourself. Nice job so far!

  2. Leeswammes

    Great challenge and not an easy one, to find books for these (a bit) obscure countries, books-wise.

    For Egypt I can recommend In the Eye of the Sun by Ahdaf Soueif – a book I very much enjoyed about a young Egyptian woman.

  3. kheenand

    What do you have in your Wales selection? (I’ve from Wales so have a parochial interest!!). Also keen to know what you discover for Brazil since that country is part of a geographic challenge I’ve set myself and so far I have no ideas…

      1. kheenand

        Here you go depending on what your taste is you have some choices. The first three are really about the area of south wales which was transformed from an agricultural and rural area when coal was discovered in vast quantities. To understand much of Wales today, you need to understand the coal mining communities of the past.

        Jack Jones: he is not that well known but when he was alive, he was highly rated. Most famous work is Off to Philadelphia in the Morning – tells of iron and coal workers forced to leave Wales because of desperately poor working conditions and emigrated to USA

        Richard Llewellyn – How Green Was my Valley. A classic that all of us in Wales of a certain generation grew up with. A saga of families living in the valleys desecrated by coal mining. Was made into a Hollywood film.

        Alexander Cordell: wrote a trilogy dealing with the turbulent industrial situation in Wales. Rape of the Fair Country, The Hosts of Rebecca and Song of the Earth.

        Non Fiction
        Two absolute musts!
        Dylan Thomas: A Child’s Christmas in Wales. Lyrical, evocative memories brought to live by a world class poet

        Gwyn Thomas: A few selected exits. Short anecdotes and recollections from a master of the English language.

      2. Too Fond Post author

        Thanks so much for all the good suggestions! I think I read (or listened to, rather) A Child’s Christmas in Wales a long time ago–I may have to do that one again. If I remember correctly, there is an audio of Dylan Thomas reading it himself.

        How Green Was My Valley is familiar to me, too, although I’ve never read it. I will be on the lookout for all of these.

        I had a thought about Brazil–what about something by Paulo Coelho?

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