2012 Challenges Wrap-Up


In 2012, I signed up for the following year-long reading challenges:

1. Mixing it Up – I read in books in 12 different categories, giving me a win at the Mixing Bowl level.

2. 52 Books in 52 Weeks – Win (technically), since I finished more than 52 books this year, for an average of more than one a week. I hardly ever remembered to link up my reviews, though.

3. Historical Fiction Reading Challenge – I read six books in the historical fiction genre this year, giving me a win at the Daring & Curious level of participation. But, again, I was really bad about linking up my reviews. I may be able to bump this up to seven books by the end of the year if I ever finish Bleak House.

4. Mount TBR – This was a definite loss, as I only read two books from my shelves this year. I really need to work on improving this in 2013.

5. Why Buy the Cow? – Loss. I was supposed to read a minimum of 12 free e-books, but I only read four.

6. Read More/Blog More Poetry Event – I had good intentions with this one, but they never really went anywhere. I did blog about poetry during National Poetry Month in April, but I never linked up on the appointed dates. Loss.

So, three wins and three losses, which puts me at a tie for 2012. I’m not too disappointed, though, because I think I learned a lot about how and why I read, and I’ve also decided that doing yearly challenges is a lot to take on. Thus, I’m reducing my number of challenges in 2013 to 3, which means I should have no problem winning them all. Right?

Check out my 2013 Challenges page for a look at my goals for the new year.


4 thoughts on “2012 Challenges Wrap-Up

  1. joyweesemoll

    I like challenges because they take me in interesting directions, but, yeah, I’m not actually that good at completing them. Good job on yours!


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