What Should I Read Next?

2981906771_4450814363_mWhen I saw that the #EstellaGram prompt for tomorrow is ‘slump’, it seemed like a perfect descriptor for my current reading state. I’m definitely in a slump. I’ve read three books so far this month, one of which I loved, but my last read was a bit of dud. Plus I haven’t been able to listen to my audiobook because my car has been in the shop and I usually listen during my commute.

Add that to the fact that my work life is crazy stressful at the moment, and I haven’t been blogging much, either. I’m not feeling very inspired or energetic about anything, and I think I need just the right book to lift me out of this slump. That’s where you guys come in. I’m going to list the books I’ve got staring me in the face at the moment and hope that you can guide me to the right one. If you have the perfect “anti-slump” book that’s not on the list, feel free to leave a write-in vote. And thanks in advance for your help–I need it!


6 thoughts on “What Should I Read Next?

  1. therelentlessreader

    I haven’t read any of the books on your list so I don’t think I should vote. Perhaps you could try a graphic novel to get your reader juices flowing again?

  2. Marg

    Here Be Dragons is an amazing book! I am not sure that I would suggest it as a slump breaker though because you do have to work at it!

  3. Ti

    I have no suggestions as I am driven by book tour commitments at the moment but once I get past these I want to read something really good. Maybe you should read some short stories. I reviewed a fabulous collection and I think the review posts this Thursday… it’s called This Cake is For the Party by Sarah Selecky.

  4. kristi

    I wish I had a recommendation, but I haven’t read anything that blew me away recently. I really haven’t picked up a paper book to read more than a few pages in over a week. Good luck finding one you love. I would vote in your poll, but I haven’t read any of the books and I don’t want to guess and possibly pick a dud.


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