#EstellaGram – Part Two

Hello hello! My mom used to have a friend who answered the phone that way. It’s not as much fun as Alexander Graham Bell’s ‘Ahoy!’ but it’s certainly cheerful. In French, I answer the telephone with ‘Allô oui?’ which is a habit I picked up from the family I used to be an au pair for when I first lived in France.

But enough about me. How are you? Are you busy doing Bloggiesta this weekend? Normally I would have joined in, but things are crazy for me at work right now and I just can’t commit to doing anything in my free time. As the sadly neglected state of my blog can attest to. Anyway, maybe once I’m out of crisis mode I can rejoin the ranks of “those who participate” instead of being “one who hides under the covers”. Although for now that’s going to be my new Native American name.

I’ve been trying to keep up with #EstellaGram, at least, because surely I can commit to taking one photo a day, right? Only here it is the 24th and I’ve only done through the 20th, so I’m going to go with the excuse that time is not linear anyway and who knows if today is the 20th or the 24th, right?

Here are the second set of photos, for what it’s worth. I can make no promises that there will be a third.



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