37 Years Well-Spent

2652640752_c15ff5d256Today is my 37th birthday. It’s funny, but the older I get the more I appreciate my birthday. Not that I enjoy getting older so much–don’t get me wrong, I’m hanging on to my 30’s for as long as I can. But there’s something about the day that makes me sentimental and so, so grateful in a way that I wasn’t up until the past few years. Before, I wanted the cachet that came with reaching a certain number, with feeling older and more experienced and cooler (always cooler). Now, my birthday reminds me of how very thankful I am for the time that I have been given, for the people in my life and for what I have accomplished, meager as it may seem to some. My birthday reminds me that I love my life.

I’ve taken the day off work today and while I have no fixed plans, I intend to spend it doing whatever makes me happy. It may seem selfish, but it’s the one day of the year that I get to be selfish, so maybe that’s okay. I think it is.


19 thoughts on “37 Years Well-Spent

  1. Brooke

    Happiest of birthdays, Beth! And good for you taking the day off. I like getting older (mostly) because with each new year comes a quiet confidence I lacked the year before.


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