I don’t remember where I first saw one of these ‘Currently’ posts, but it seems like the kind of thing I need to write today. I’ve got a Villette update due tomorrow that is nowhere near ready, and I have a lot of new books on the horizon that I’ll be posting about soon, but in the meantime I’m being a very lazy blogger. Partly it’s because of the weather here, which has forced me back into hibernation on the couch with my book. Things could be worse.

Loving: Wrapping up in warm sweaters (though not loving that I’ve had to pull my winter wardrobe back out) and watching re-runs of Alias –I’ve started it again from the beginning.

Thinking about: Our long awaited accreditation visit that is happening this week at the school. We’ve been working on it for over a year now, and while I’m so glad it’s finally here, this is going to be a very intense week.

Anticipating: Spring finally arriving. Or summer, even, whichever comes first.

Listening to: Passion Pit. I’m trying to keep my energy up, which is hard at the moment.

Eating: Comfort food. I made a big pot of chili on Thursday night and we still have leftovers. Speaking of which, I’d better get in the kitchen and start dinner.

Wishing:  That I could get outside and get some exercise, but it is just so darn cold. Hibernation is winning out.

What are you up to this weekend?


5 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. fanficfan44

    It is cold here, too, but we have had enough warm days that the grass is growing so I had to go out and mow it today. That will have to count for my exercise.

  2. heavenali

    I went to a bookcrossing meet up today – there was a big group of us people I’ve now known for years – it was nice and gossipy and lots of tea etc was consumend I took about 6 books with me to give away – and didn’t pick up any because my TBR is ridiculous. Tomorrow I am planning on going walking with my local rambling group – it’s a bluebell walk through woods in Worcestershire – but it does mean an early get up which I am less keen on. Currently reading Love and Summer by William Trevor.

  3. Jennifer

    Sweaters and chili sounds nice to me, but I enjoy a bit of cooler weather. It’s not a bad thing that it’s forced you into some extra cozy reading time 😉

    I’ve started watching Arrested Development on Netflix and it’s sucking up quite a bit of my reading time. It’s so good though!

  4. Ti

    I love these posts. I haven’t been feeling too good lately so I spent the weekend in various stages of rest. I brought some leftover BBQ from yesterday for lunch but it’s not sounding too good right now.

    It was strange this weekend. Overcast but slightly warm and then last night horrible winds! Like a storm was coming but then by the time I hit the sack, the wind stopped. Very strange for So Cal in late May.


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