Audiobook Week: How Do You Choose?

audiobookweekbutton_zpsdb6e126cSomehow I totally missed that this is audiobook week and that there is a whole week’s worth of topics to post about over at Devourer of Books. Luckily I caught a few of your posts yesterday and so I can now chime in about my own love for audiobooks.

Today’s question is:

How do you decide what you’ll listen to? Do you mostly listen, or split time between listening and reading? Particularly if you split time, how do you decide what you’ll consume in audio and what in print?

I’ve mentioned this before, but I tend to have at least two books going at all times, one in e-book format and another on audio (sometimes I throw a print version in there, too, just to give myself options :)). I generally only listen to audiobooks on my commute to and from work, although if I’m really into a story I’ve been known to put my headphones on while cleaning the house, taking a walk, or even just to sit in my car for a few extra minutes after returning home from work.

As to how I decide what to listen to, I have my friendly fellow book bloggers to thank for most of my listening recommendations. I generally borrow audiobooks from the library, so what I listen to is dependant upon what’s available from this source, too. The more I listen, the more I’ve started to form preferences for certain narrators, so I’ve started seeking out audiobooks with narrators that I’ve previously enjoyed, because the choice of narrator can make or break the audiobook experience for me.

What about you? Are you a fan of audiobooks? How do you choose what you listen to?

10 thoughts on “Audiobook Week: How Do You Choose?

  1. Laurie C

    I’m glad you heard about Audiobook Week in time to join in! I wish I had had more time to prepare my posts because I love to talk audio, but I’m just slapping them up before I have to leave for work! 😉

  2. Mindy

    I agree about the narrator. I listened to a book on audio that I had read before and the narrator just ruined the book . I loved it in print. I was hoping to read the whole series in audio but the same narrator reads them all.

  3. Lucy

    Finding a narrator you click with is like gold. I’ll follow them to any genre. And I so agree with you about book blogger recs!
    Happy listening 🙂

  4. Trish

    My answer is very similar to yours–namely recommendations from other bloggers! I’ve listened to so many great books that I might not have otherwise listened to. My listening was pretty limited when I was mainly using the library but now that I’m using audible the choices are wider (though I’ve heard that the international versions aren’t quite as robust…know that Kristi runs into a lot of these issues with Glad you joined the fun Beth! Love talking audiobooks. 🙂

  5. Kristin T.

    I get most of my audios from the library, too, so what I choose to listen to is highly dependent on what’s available when I’m there to get new audios. If I am looking for a certain author/title then I use the online system to reserve it. I do get recommendations from other bloggers – even sometimes when they are raving about a print book b/c chances are I’ll get to the audio version much faster than the print version.

    ~Kristin @ Always With a Book

  6. lakesidemusing

    Bloggers are my number one source of recommendations, too. The longer I listen, I seem to develop a stronger narrator preference… there are so many good ones out there!

  7. Care

    So far, title and readalongs and whatever my book club chooses dictate by audios. But sometimes, I’ve let Twitter tell me. I just abandoned Count of Monte Cristo (bwah! so SAD!!!) cuz I couldn’t handle the narrator about 10 minutes in. so I listened with a more discerning ear and yep. he didn’t do it for me. DARN. so now I have to wait until July or (gasp) buy something!

  8. classicsjournal

    I’m not an avid audio-book listener– I enjoy reading more, but I will occasionally listen. I choose ones that are read by an actor or actress whose talent I admire (Naxos Audiobooks seem to be esp. good).


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