Too Fond on Vacation!

I’m getting ready to head to the beach for two weeks and I won’t be around here very much (you know I’m not organized enough to set up posts ahead of time). But I plan on doing lots of lovely reading while I’m away, so I should have plenty of books to tell you about when I get back. I’m going to dig into my TBR pile and catch up a bit with Adam’s challenge, for which I’ve only managed to read one book so far this year.

After some consideration, here’s the stack:

2013-07-04 20.46.41

I tried to pick shorter books so they’d be easier to tote around. Also, the campground where we’re staying has a library (score!) so I’ll try to get some French books to read, too, for Paris in July.

Have a nice couple of weeks and see you when we get back–


8 thoughts on “Too Fond on Vacation!

  1. Jennifer @ The Relentless Reader

    A campground with a library!? That is awesome! You’ll have to get pictures of that for us 🙂

    Enjoy your vacation!!

  2. Heather

    Wow! Two weeks! Lucky duck you!

    It is hard to pick what to take, isn’t it? I mean, who knows what sort of mood one will be in? Will one have the frame of mind for a glorious epic? Or so frazzled a fast-paced thriller would be better? It looks like you have some great picks there though. Have a wonderful vacation!!

  3. A.M.B.

    Have a wonderful time! I downloaded “A Room With A View” a few weeks ago and hope to get to it eventually. I’ve been very, very busy with work lately and have been reading only “comfort books” in the little spare time I have (old favorites and escapist literature).

  4. Geoff W

    Oh…idk about some of those. Forster and I aren’t the best of friends and Robinson may as well be a sworn enemy, but you do have Boy meets Boy which is moving towards the top of my TBR pile. Have a great time off!


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