Booking Through Thursday: Tragedy or Comedy

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme about books and reading.

All other things being equal (good writing, enthralling story, etc), which would you rather read—something serious, angsty, and tragic? Or something light, fluffy, and fun? Or a blend of both? (Since, really, isn’t that how real life works?)

There are times when I really need light and fluffy, though I generally prefer a bit of angst in my reading (not to the point that some authors take it, though–George R. R. Martin, I’m looking at you). If a book is too much about the angst, I have to put it down as it can get really frustrating to see a good character get stomped on time and time again.

My favorite kind of book is one where the main character finds themselves in a bad situation and they have to bring themselves out of it and turn their life around. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a drastic, life or death situation, but I love seeing how characters grow and change when faced with difficult circumstances–I find it inspiring and the resolution that much more satisfying.

If the book is only about bad things happening and there is no character development, I just don’t see the point. I already know that life is hard and seldom fair and that we’re all going to die–I don’t need to be reminded of it when I’m reading for pleasure.

What about you–tragedy or comedy? A bit of both? 


6 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Tragedy or Comedy

  1. A.M.B.

    I like light and fluffy! I read dark books on occasion, but quite frankly, I see enough tragedies in my line of work. I need a break from it in my reading.

  2. Belle Wong

    I’m definitely a bit of both, in the middle, kind of reader. If the book is serious and angsty, I really really need touches of humour – lots of touches of humour!


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