Nostalgia Lit

383673752_294cfab2cd_mAs I look back over some of the books I’ve read this past year, I’ve noticed that the books I really got excited about–the ones that made me squee, to use a word that I don’t think I could ever use in real life with a straight face–have an element of nostalgia for me because although they are contemporary books, they are set during my personal wonder years, the 80’s and 90’s. Is this a new trend in literature, or is it just a coincidence that I’m reading these books now? Have these become hot decades and is nostalgia lit on the rise?

I really hope so, as I’d love to read more books set during this time period. And, to be fair, the books I’m thinking of are also just great books. I wonder, too, if this phenomenon (if it really exists) is happening in film. I’m much more out of touch with current movies and tv than I am with books, but I recently watched Super 8 with my husband and I think it would qualify. There are also several recent comedies that I’ve seen that make heavy reference to 80’s films, the Brat pack movies in particular (I’m thinking of Easy A and Pitch Perfect.)

Everyone has their own nostalgic time period, depending on when you grew up, so I could just be getting old and noticing these things more than I used to because I’m becoming more, well, nostalgic. What do you think?


11 thoughts on “Nostalgia Lit

  1. A.M.B.

    I like books with characters, situations, and settings I can identify with. So, books set in the late ’80s and ’90s really work for me. I think that’s why I like Harry Potter, even though its biggest fans tend to be a little younger than I am. Based on Harry’s birthday, he’s only 1 year older than I am, making the muggle world he comes from a familiar one to me (no cell phones, no Internet, etc). Speaking of nostalgia, my favorite books are the ones I actually read when I was 11-15 years old. They are set in earlier time periods, but they bring me back to my childhood.

    1. Too Fond Post author

      Too true–the books I read at that age have a big element of nostalgia for me, too. Laura Ingalls Wilder, L.M. Montgomery, the Babysitter’s Club…

  2. Sarah Says Read

    I haven’t been noticing it in particular, but I DO end up really enjoying the books set in the 80’s and 90’s! Sadly, it’s far enough in the past to seem so different and fun, but recent enough for most of us to remember. I kind of hope authors keep aiming toward that era.

  3. Heather

    Yep. Books written about (or take place in) the 80s and/or 90s. Also books that take place in NY, specifically in the Finger Lakes region (Central NY).

  4. lostgenerationreader

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