The Decatur Book Festival

bookzilla signThis weekend is the eighth annual Decatur Book Festival, the largest independent book festival in the U.S. It also just happens to be in the town where my mom lives, so she has been able to attend for the past two years, the lucky duck! While I wish I could be there in person, I’m sure I’ll get all the scoop from her, so I’m officially making her my reporter in the field.

If I were at the book festival this weekend, here’s what I would want to see and do:

1.  Hear the keynote speaker, Congressman John Lewis. He was one of the key figures in the U.S. Civil Rights movement and is a published author as well. His latest work is March, a three-volume graphic memoir of his life and experiences.

2. Go to the Book Market and Street Fair.

3. See some of my favorite authors, hear them speak, and maybe even get a signed book or a photo. Some authors who I would definitely be on the lookout for are Joshilyn Jackson and David Levithan.

  • Jackson is doing a panel called ‘Beneath the Surface’ dealing with “secrets bubbling beneath the surface” of novels. She’s also moderating a panel called ‘Family Ties’ that features some of my mom’s favorite authors, so I may get pictures from that one.
  • Levithan is participating in two panels, one on LGBT teen novels and another for bloggers.

Is anyone headed to the Decatur Book Festival this weekend? Have a great time for me!

2013 DBF Logo Hor


3 thoughts on “The Decatur Book Festival

  1. Brooke

    Love the DBF! It makes me so thankful that I live just 15 minutes away. I can’t attend any of the Saturday events, but tomorrow afternoon will hopefully find me in DBF heaven!!


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