The October Wrap-Up

octoberOctober did not really turn out like I had planned. For one thing, I was sick for pretty much the whole month. For another, a beloved family member passed away and that was (and continues to be) very sad for us. Those two things on top of regular work and life stress have made the past few weeks feel like an uphill battle, but I’m hopeful that November will bring better things.

So, the reading has been going pretty slow. In October, I finished four books:

Triptych by Karin Slaughter

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates by Liz Pichon

Telegraph Avenue by Michael Chabon

Before I Met You by Lisa Jewell

I read Triptych for R.I.P. season on the recommendation of a friend, and I was surprised by how much I liked it. It was different from the kind of book that I normally read but a nice change of pace. I’ve already requested the second one in the series from the library. The Brilliant World of Tom Gates was a recommendation from my nine-year-old daughter and a lot of fun. I read that one as part of our Mother-Daughter Reading Day, for which I still need to do a follow-up post! Telegraph Avenue was a book tour stop and review and my first Chabon, but it definitely won’t be my last. Chabon is a seriously talented writer and this is a book worth reading. Finally, I read Before I Met You for review and will be posting about it soon, but I was not impressed. Very meh.

The end of October marks the official end of R.I.P season, which went a lot better this year than last (and unofficially is still going on, as I’m currently reading two ghost stories!) I watched two movies, some tv, and read two books. It was nice to have two months to devote to this event and I will definitely be doing it again next year.

On to November! This month has kind of snuck up on me, and I’m only now realizing how much I’ve got coming up. First of all, I’m participating in Lit Nerd’s readalong of Wilkie Collins’ The Moonstone. I’ve only just started it, but so far so good.  If you’re interested in joining in, it is pretty relaxed with only two check-in points and there’s a good group of us on twitter using the #readWilkie hashtag. The weekend of November 15th-17th, I’ll be reading and posting for Aarti’s A More Diverse Universe event (#Diversiverse on twitter) which celebrates speculative fiction written by people of color. I haven’t decided exactly what I’ll be reading yet, as it depends on how much time I have to read between now and then.

I’ve also got two (2!) giveaways coming up on the blog this month. I’m taking part in Leeswammes’ Literary Blog Hop Giveaway next weekend and I’ll be reviewing and giving away three copies of an upcoming historical fiction release, Wolfsangel by Liza Perrat, towards the end of November. Keep an eye out for those–I love giving away books!

Whew! I have a feeling November is going to be hectic in a good way. And did I mention that I’m headed to Barcelona to see my BFF next weekend? I think it will be just the thing to get me over my bummer of an October and have me feeling thankful again in time for Thanksgiving. Have a great month!


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