The January Wrap-Up

4303441631_2c544a070aJanuary has been a nice start to my reading year, with seven books read during the month. I just wish I could somehow make it last a little longer, as I didn’t manage to read as much as I’d hoped to for Brooke‘s Southern Literature Month. I loved all her related posts about Southern life and culture.

In January, I read:

My favorite read of the month was definitely The Gods of Heavenly Punishment. The big stinker of the month was Shadow of Night, which was such a disappointment considering how much I loved the first book in the trilogy.

I participated in the Wilkie in Winter readalong of The Frozen Deep, which was lots of melodramatic fun. I didn’t get a chance to follow up with The Woman in White, unfortunately, as I ran out of time this month. I’ve managed to stall out on both my Wilkie novels in progress, but hopefully I’ll be inspired to pick them up again sometime soon.

There are a few books that I planned to read in January but that I didn’t end up having time for, so I’ll be rolling those over into February.

How about you? Did you read anything really good in January?


7 thoughts on “The January Wrap-Up

  1. heavenali

    I have read some lovely books in January including The Woman in White for Wilkieinwinter. I also embarked on some WW 1 themed reading and started my reading of Dance to the music of time.


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