Mother’s Day Muffins, and a Request

May 2014 011I haven’t written a Weekend Cooking post in a long time, but in honor of tomorrow being Mother’s Day in the U.S. I thought I would post a recipe which takes advantage of a fun, seasonal fruit–rhubarb.

Rhubarb is a strange thing. Is it really even a fruit? Probably not. Nevertheless, we tend to use it as such, and these muffins are a great combination of weird but yummy rhubarb and ginger, another slightly stringy and root-y food. (I know, I know, I should be a food blogger. I know just how to describe things in such a way as to leave your mouth watering! Ahem.)

Anyway, with all credit and linkage to my culinary friend Jamie Oliver with whom this recipe originates, I give you Mother’s Day Rhubarb and Ginger Muffins. I made these today and they turned out great, so maybe you can whip up a batch for your own Mother’s Day treat.

I have another reason for writing today, which is to ask for some audiobook recommendations. I’ve kind of gotten out of the habit of listening to audiobooks and I’m hoping to change that by finding a good book to sink my teeth (er, ears) into. Any suggestions?

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend, and a very happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there celebrating and/or being celebrated!

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11 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Muffins, and a Request

  1. Laurie C

    Those muffins look delicious! We have rhubarb growing in our backyard for the first time this year and haven’t used any yet. Hubby is on a low-carb diet, so muffins, custards, and pies don’t get made anymore. 😦

    1. Too Fond Post author

      I don’t have any great low-carb rhubarb recipes, but I bet you could find some if you looked around. Maybe stewed? Or a rhubarb-strawberry compote?

  2. Laurie C

    Oops, forgot to mention the audiobooks! I thought The Golem & The Jinni made a wonderful audiobook. I saw Room is on your TBR Pile Challenge list, and that was excellent on audio, too! (Not a great one for cooking to, though, as you probably know it’s pretty disturbing.) Ready Player One is great on audio, too!

    1. Too Fond Post author

      Great, thanks Laurie. I’m not sure if I could handle Room on audio after hearing about the creepiness of it, but I’ll look into The Golem & The Jinni. I’ve also got by eye on Labor Day by Joyce Maynard after seeing that it is narrated by Wilson Bethel from Hart of Dixie. Apparently she is his mom–how sweet is that? 🙂

  3. Beth F

    Love the sound of those muffins! We love rhubarb in this house. Maybe next weekend I’ll bake.

    Audiobooks: yikes! What are you in the mood for? I just finished YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN, which was wonderfully read, though the story isn’t particularly deep. THE ENCHANTED was a great audiobook, but the story is rather dark. Julianna Baggott’s PURE series is really good, if you like dystopian with a unique twist. WHILE BEAUTY SLEPT, SOUS CHEF, DELICIOUS! were all good.

  4. Ti

    I just finished Diane Keaton’s new book, Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty and I enjoyed it very much. It’s read by her which makes it fabulous. It’s a little short. Just a little over five hours but it’s funny and good. I am also listening to The Circle by Dave Eggers. If you like Utopias then you will enjoy it.

  5. Letizia

    Rhubarb and ginger- what a good combination. Thanks for the recipe; I will try it! My mother used to make a delicious rhubarb tart that I quite miss….


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