Hello, all–how has your week been? Mine was busy (but good) and we topped it off with a busy (but great) weekend.  In retrospect it may have been a little too great, as my seven-year-old just burst into tears at bedtime when she learned that she had to go back to school tomorrow. I can definitely relate.

Loving: The holiday spirit making itself felt all around me, from the lights decorating our neighbors’ homes to the carols being sung by the kids’ school chorus. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

Thinking about: Slowing down. Anticipating but not hurrying. Appreciating the present moment.

Anticipating: Well, Christmas (yeah). Especially the fact that the whole family will have TWO WEEKS off from work and school to spend together. It’s going to be good.

Watching: ‘Freaks and Geeks’ on Netflix. It’s hard to believe that I have never seen this show, considering how many now famous actors got their start on it. The one who kills me is little John Francis Daly. He is tee-tiny yet looks exactly the same as he does now on ‘Bones’.

Listening to: Weezer, as we had the chance to see them in concert at the Tabernacle last night. They played a lot of old stuff at the beginning in an acoustic set, then rocked out to the new album in full-on electric mode. It was really fun.

Eating: Nothing worth mentioning. I’ve been off my cooking game lately and I’m having a hard time getting motivated to meal plan. Has anyone got a great recipe to break me out of a cooking slump?

Wishing: That there were more hours in the day (as ever). That I could spend more time with my kids. That I could somehow do everything that matters and everything I want to do, too. That weekends could last a little longer…

How was your weekend?


6 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. Cynthia

    Loving the holidays! My husband and I are currently living in Naples, Italy and we are going to the States to see our families for a couple of weeks. Very excited!

  2. Ti

    More hours in the day. I wish for that too. I am about to have Two weeks and a few days off. I cannot wait. It always goes by so fast. I really want to savor it.

  3. Geoff W

    I’m with the seven year old! I nearly burst into tears this morning knowing I had to come back to work after four and a half days off! I also agree about Freaks and Geeks, I was SHOCKED at how many people I recognized on there when I watched it last year for the first time.


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