Menu Plan Monday – Week 2

MPM_ButtonTwo weeks in a row, woohoo! Feeling very accomplished over here. The week went pretty much as I had planned with the exception that we had Asian takeout instead of pizza on Friday night and we had enough leftovers that I didn’t need to make one of the meals I had planned, so that will go back into the rotation.

The girls were back to school on Thursday, so I also got two days of lunch packing under my belt and that went fine. Now that my oldest is in middle school and starts school a little later, the mornings aren’t quite so rushed. Only getting one ready at a time feels like a luxury.

Here’s what I’m cooking up this next week:

MONDAY – Pizza and salad (easy freezer meal as we have an evening activity)

TUESDAY – Breakfast for dinner (veggie omelette, chicken sausage, buttermilk biscuits)

WEDNESDAY – Creamy spinach tomato tortellini

THURSDAY – Chicken avocado lime soup w/ tortilla chips

FRIDAY – Hot dogs w/ baked beans

SATURDAY – Daughter’s birthday & picnic at the lake

SUNDAY – Leftovers

Hope everyone has a delicious week!


3 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday – Week 2

  1. janceewright

    My roommates and I meal plan too – it’s fantastic for us because we get to split the grocery budget and cooking, plus we aren’t scrambling around last minute for something to eat. I’m a huge advocate of meal planning…I would say it works in almost every situation.

  2. Trish

    Isn’t it awesome when you have more food than you expected and can fit in another night of leftovers? I tend to have the opposite problem–I sometimes underestimate how much the girls will eat and when I count on leftovers it seems that I don’t have enough for another complete dinner. Sigh. Eventually I’ll need to start cooking more each night!

    I’ve been trying to come up with our two week meal plan all morning. So far I have three days filled in…and two of those are nights that we’ll be out. 🙂 So…

    Yum–breakfast for dinner!!!


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