fortyI turned 40 in 2016 and I started my 40×40 project to focus on things that I wanted to do before that birthday. I wanted to be more mindful, try new things, be challenged, and maybe even surprise myself. And as I haven’t done everything on my list, I decided that this will now be a rolling list. I’ll keep it going and even add a new item every year on my birthday. ‘Cause baby, I’m just getting started.

  1. Go kayaking.
  2. Make a quilt.
  3. Take a monthly hike with my family.
  4. Sing in front of an audience.
  5. Submit a piece of writing for publication.
  6. Take my children camping.
  7. Memorize a poem.
  8. Learn how to swim (with a proper stroke technique, not just dog paddle).
  9. Learn to knit.
  10. Play a complete song on the mandolin.
  11. Buy a little black dress.
  12. Get my hair cut short *gulp*.
  13. Climb Stone Mountain.
  14. Create an original piece of artwork.
  15. Develop a daily yoga/meditation practice.
  16. Have a girls’ weekend with my best friend.
  17. Eat collard greens.
  18. Learn basic auto maintenance.
  19. Become comfortable driving a manual transmission car.
  20. Run a 5K.
  21. Spend the night outside.
  22. Learn how to play poker.
  23. Build something from scratch.
  24. Sew a piece of clothing to wear.
  25. Read a novel in French.
  26. Successfully complete a ‘No Spend Month’ challenge.
  27. Drink a martini.
  28. Bake a coconut cream pie.
  29. Write my will.
  30. Perform a headstand without support.
  31. Treat myself to a spa/hammam day.
  32. Create a bullet journal.
  33. Attend a Unitarian church service.
  34. Take a family road trip.
  35. Host a party.
  36. Call a family member at least once a week.
  37. Donate blood.
  38. Take a dance class.
  39. Plant something from a seed and watch it grow.
  40. See Chris Thile in concert.
  41. See Hamilton!
  42. Learn how to stand-up paddleboard.

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