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Readers’ Workouts: Week One

ReadersWorkoutsAs part of my 40×40 personal challenge, I’ve included a few fitness-related items that I hope to accomplish before my 40th birthday. These include learning how to swim properly, developing a daily yoga practice, being able to complete an unsupported headstand, running a 5K, and taking a barre class.

For the past few years, my main physical activity has been vinyasa yoga, which has changed my life in many positive ways. I love taking yoga classes, but I’ve had a harder time developing a regular yoga routine at home, mainly because I haven’t made time for it in my daily schedule. This is the number one fitness goal I have for the coming year, and I’ve already taken a few steps to help me accomplish it.

First, I moved my yoga mat upstairs to my bedroom so I can see it when I wake up (instant reminder!). I also hope to make this corner of my room into a kind of meditation/practice space. I practiced for 40 minutes there this morning and it has a good feel to it, being right next to the window and having plenty of space to move around. I need to find a way to get some music there, though, and I need to schedule a definite time to practice everyday.

I’m going to try to participate in Joy’s Readers’ Workouts every week to keep myself accountable about the progress I make towards my goals. Thanks for helping to keep me motivated, Joy!