My Review Policy

I’ve never felt the need to have a review policy before, but as I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately from self-published authors, I prefer to have one so that it’s clear to anyone who’s interested.  Here goes the fine print portion of this blog…

  • I am open to receiving pitches from major and independant publishers. I prefer to only read self-published books that have been recommended to me by another source–I won’t read a self-pub that is pitched to me solely by the author. Reading and reviewing are hobbies for me, and I don’t have time to read something that hasn’t been vetted.
  • If you have a review request, I prefer to be contacted by email with a line in the header that references that it is concerning a review. My gmail account has a pretty high spam filter, and I might miss your email otherwise.
  • I will accept print or e-book (kindle) formats for review, but my preference is for print.
  • I will read any general fiction, but my preferred genres are historical fiction, mystery, and literary fiction. I won’t read horror, and I rarely read science fiction and fantasy.
  • I am open to guest posts and interviews–just ask!
  • I am willing to feature a book that I haven’t read/finished, but it won’t be considered a review. If I really dislike a book and I am reviewing it based on a request, I will contact the author and/or publisher before posting what I think is a mainly negative review. If they don’t want me to post it, I won’t. Any review I do post represents my honest, personal opinion.
  • I don’t currently post reviews anywhere but here.

Questions? Comments? Let me know if there’s something I’m missing.

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