Booking Through Thursday: Eternity

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme about books and reading.

What book took you the longest to read, and do you feel it was the content or just the length that made it so?

This is an easy question for me to answer, since the book that took me the longest to read stands out clearly in my mind.  It was my freshman year of college, and it literally took me the entire year to read The Stand by Stephen King.  Now, anyone who has read it knows it’s a long book.  But, I think it was more the fact that I was away from home for the first time, adjusting to all the distractions that college has to offer, and working my rear end off for my classes which didn’t leave a lot of time for reading for pleasure.

The funny thing is, once I actually got into the book and started making more time for reading (towards the end of the year), I remember getting through it pretty quickly.  And I liked it.

What’s your ‘eternity’ book?

3 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Eternity

  1. laurelrainsnow

    Oh, I definitely agree that what else is going on in our lives affects our reading time…I didn’t even try to answer in terms of my whole reading life. Instead, I focused on recent years when I was paying attention to these things.

    Here’s MY BTT POST


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